skaha house

Design Team: Ignacio, Morgan, Linda
Construction: My House Design Build
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Penticton

National Awards for Housing Excellence Winner 2020
Georgie Awards Winner 2020
HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence Winner 2020
Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence Winner 2020

Skaha Lake is beautiful in all four seasons, but this Kaleden Skaha Vista home was built in 1968, and wasn’t built to fully take advantage of the natural scenery. In this Okanagan home renovation we completely re designed the space and added a full primary suite above the existing garage to fully incorporate the great views. We stripped the existing home down to its foundation and started fresh. It’s now the homeowners’ perfect escape from urban life.

There are larger, open-concept spaces for socializing, balanced with quieter areas for solo relaxing. The outdoor living features a large fire pit and comfortable seating for the whole family to enjoy with the beautiful Skaha Lake skyline in the background.

Another key design consideration was a low carbon impact on the environment. With upgrades to wall assemblies, energy star rates appliances, recycled products and solar power to run the home, the clients were able to achieve a sustainable and healthy home.


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